Composite Superman

Composite Superman

Postby evilgrins » Wed Aug 23, 2023 5:52 pm

Given one of the primary reasons I learned to skin in the first place (in that special way I used) was to give skins that only had red & blue team colors or skins that had no team colors the full spread of all 4...
...that I did this particular skin, which has not so well displayed team colors, may seem a little wonky.

Truthfully I largely only did it to see if I could. I'd known about the character since I was little, and I had Superman & Batman skins to work with. Other than some pigment alteration, and a handy calculator, it wasn't that hard to accomplish.

For those that are less geeks than I: A janitor named Joe Meach was working in the Superman Museum when a lightning bolt hit some statues of the Legion of Super-Heroes and transferred their powers to him. He chose to use Chameleon Boy's shape shifting abilities to look like that, and he went out to seek vengeance for largely imagined slights on Batman, Superman, and Robin.

Which isn't to say there hasn't been other Composite Superman villains, but he was the first.

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