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It's problematic on a moral level to decide what to delete from the LevelInfo part of a map edit, because I like to credit the original mapper as well as whoever assisted me on the map edit (even though Nelsona repeatedly tells me I don't need to credit him... I do anyway) but as so many UT sites no longer exist I frequently debate whether or not to leave the no longer existing website's details the original mapper had at the time they made the map.

...this is a symmetrical map, identical bases using a basic castle structure. The central area of each base houses the flag, all the various weapons and ammo, plus armors and whatnot are all there. There's a few teleports to gain access to specialized gear, like the redeemer that's at the top of the central structure.

I put a UTDMT in the fenced off area in front of each castle, so it has a wide range to throw boulders but is fundamentally stuck in that pen. Inside each castle proper, there are 2 UTDMS. In keeping with the castle theme, I switched their projectiles to arrows.

The map had random monsters already on it, sharks in the river/moat between the bases, nali cows (which birth baby cows) all over the place, and Nali Priests in a centralized cavern beneath the map. All of those had insane amounts of health, which is fairly common as most monsters do not respawn and mappers that like to use monsters want them to survive awhile. That being said, I brought the health levels down significantly... they're still high but it's possible to kill them now for anyone that wants to spend time doing that.

The cavern below the map was filled with Nali Priests, about 15, but I removed them. Switched them with a few things before settling on more UTDMS...
...5 to be exact: 2 on Green, 2 on Yellow, and 1 spare for the heck of it.

There are paths leading down to the cavern on the far right and left of each castle, as well as teleports on the far ends of the moat along side passages. So players can get down there but UTDMS can also get out and onto the surface. I gave most of them standard Skaarj projectiles, which Skaarj are immune to, so down there is a constant battle and any player that heads down there runs the risk of being shot or stabbed. The extra UTDMS with no team affiliation I gave Skaarj Queen projectiles, which can kill other Skaarj, because he's got nobody on his side and I felt he needed an edge.

While folks from numerous forums were helpful in providing names for me to use on Skaarj · https://unreal-games.livejournal.com/144928.html · I wound up naming most of the UTDMS on this map after the original mapper, Nelsona, and 4 random players on the ut99.org forum.

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