Tundra maps for CTF

Tundra maps for CTF

Postby evilgrins » Mon Jan 25, 2021 4:10 am

I got this map awhile back, it looked ideal for UTDMT but it also needed a lot of help. There were no weapons, no health, no armor, no nothing. Sorta got the impression it was intended for a specific weapons mutator, but none was specified...
...so I added all of that.

Also added a couple snow textures as what was there originally was kind of bland.

Nelsona pathed it for me, as what was there initially was not particularly great... which isn't that surprising. Not all mappers are appreciative of bots, which is why the never get invited to bots' birthday parties.

Now, Nelsona gave general pathing to the map but he edited an additional map with more specialized pathing.

1. CTF-UTDMT-Tundra has good pathing, bots play the whole map. Very ideal.

2. CTF-UTDMT-Tundra-TitanPathed (was gonna shorten that to TP but wanted to avoid toilet paper jokes) has the same pathing as the other version but also pathing for the UTDMT.

Basically, the UTDMT walk a regular patrol along the back of the inside base. If someone takes the flag they do what they normally do, but provided they don't get killed they will walk all the way back to their own base...
...and resume their patrol.

That first map the UTDMT tend to wander after they initially start moving and there's no guarantee where they may wind up.

Including both versions, so players can go with whatever version they prefer.

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