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Part of why I'm delayed on certain projects is I rarely work only 1 thing at a time. Kinda scatterbrained like that, which is why I'm lagging on 7 different skinning projects at the moment (only 3 of them are my own) and I'm actively making edits to about 40 different maps. Bopping back and forth to each project, doing a little here and there, until finally stuff gets done.


As I've mentioned prior, here and there, I found a large number of maps by a "mapper" who calls himself (admittedly gender assuming there) Pornstar. The maps are quality pieces but he splashed porn over all of them, and not with any rhyme or reason. Sometimes only a little, sometimes he practically paved nearly every surface with porn. Now, don't get me wrong... I love porn, but in mapping it should make sense where it's placed and none of it existed with his maps. Moreso after I recognized a couple maps and noted they weren't all made by the same mapper.

It seems Pornstar took maps from other mappers, erased all of their information from the maps so it's nearly impossible to identify (and I've been looking) who made the original maps.

So, I've been censoring them as best I can. In some places replacing textures, in others black-boxing the naughty bits. Hasn't been as easy as I initially planned because on some maps he built structures for some of the porn to be placed on and if I remove that it destabilizes the map and causes BSP-Hell.

My original plan was to censor/fix them all and then re-release them in a map pack... but as stated above, I get a wee bit scatter-brained on this kinda stuff.


This is a tightly packed arena sized map, lots of places to duck and cover, a few places to get stuck in with no way out until somebody kills you. Barney (named for silly reasons) is a SkaarjBerserker firing deadly razor-blades all over.

My initial experience with ut99 (been playing it since it was first released) largely involved a mutator called Monster Madness which I loved as it put monsters into the game that could score and potentially win; MonsterHunt didn't exist yet at that point. Which is why I enjoy GorGor's Unreal Tournament Deathmatch Monster (UTDM) creations as they're kinda sorta big bots in monster form and can win games if you're not careful...

...and I've largely been using my fixes/censors of Pornstar's edits to give the Unreal Tournament Deathmatch SkaarjBerserker a place to roam.

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