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Always wanted to track down certain fandom weapons to put on appropriately themed maps...

...this map is clearly Stargate themed, and I've replaced most every weapon with the Goa'uld staff weapon. Originally intended for a mod project that fell through unfortunately, those that worked on that were French, so messages relating to that weapon are also in French/Francais.

I say almost every weapon as I left the redeemers alone. Which leads to an answer to a question I get frequently asked these days... yes, this map is large enough for RX/SLV. I couldn't handle those on here but I'm not that great of a pilot; this map would require an exceptional pilot to be able to handle that on here.

Both bases have 3 Stargates, main 1 by the flag. The map is subject to frequent quakes due to an alien ship that flies overhead periodically.

Bases also have 2 Warlords/Jaffa each. Combat can get fairly intense on here if you're playing it to even half of maximum capacity.

Pathing on this map initially sucked rocks, so Nelsona fixed that.

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