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Throughout this pandemic I was lucky to be working in an essential service... up until last Thursday. I've been furloughed, which means I'm still employed but there are not enough slots open for everyone to work at the moment. So basically I've got a lot of free time on my hands, as my neck of the woods is going through another shutdown and there's literally nothing to do.

Which means, I've more time for editing maps... be afraid!

Usually I edit CTF maps by adding the UT Deathmatch Titans or Warlords, sometimes both, among other things fixed here and there all over... but with this fairly tiny map, I recalled something I nearly forgot about. A stretch back, SilverSound exported auto-cannons from ut2004 to be used in ut99. I've never tried mapping with them before, so this seemed an ideal time to give them a shot.

No pun intended.

SilverSound's cannons: https://ut99.org/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=11779

They do suffer 1 slight glitch. No matter what team you assign them to, they attack everybody! So rather than try and fix that, I embraced it. Mounted 2 cannons in the center of the map's ceiling to rain hell and annoyance down on all players. Makes things a bit more interesting... and I do like keeping things interesting.

Just to be whimsical, I named the cannons Ernie & Bert... so folks know which one killed them.

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