Food Fight in Toon Town

Food Fight in Toon Town

Postby evilgrins » Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:01 pm

This is an edit of this map ·

It's a sizable map and it's well spaced, the pathing seems to be more than adequate. Nice placement of power-ups. It did suffer 1 significant issue.

No weapons!

I started working on that, put in 2 appropriately named UTDMT, and I stopped and considered that maybe I'd go with a different than normal WeaponPack. =FoodFight= seemed ideal for this map, and here we all are.

I used everything that's in that WeaponPack, including armor and power-ups, and a couple things I still don't know what exactly what they do. All in all it seems to work, although the Titans kinda are overkill... but it's a big enough map you can avoid them (duck down a side street) and concentrate on the flags.

Usual Suspects:
.u - /system
.umx - /music
.unr - /maps
.utx - /system

If you don't already have =FoodFight= you can get it here ·

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