Insane Combo: The Movie

Insane Combo: The Movie

Postby Sp0ngeb0b » Sun Apr 26, 2020 1:46 pm

UnrealRiderS proudly presents

"Insane Combo: The Movie"


Watch on YouTube

More than 20 years after Unreal Tournament's release, there is a new movie hitting the scene! Inspired by our first Insane Combo Compilation, we have collected more awesome gameplay scenes from our server and now wrapped them up cinematically for the best viewing experience. Lean back, have a cold drink and enjoy UrS members Moonlight, BustaCell and Sp0ngeb0b showing off some Insane Shock Combos!

Stanley as Moonlight
Sebastian as BustaCell
Patrick as Sp0ngeb0b

Producer & Editor:
Patrick 'Sp0ngeb0b' Peltzer

Necto Ulin - UT Menu (UT99 Remix)
Necto Ulin - BotMCA #10 (UT Redux)
Necto Ulin - Colossus (UT Redux)
Necto Ulin - Mission Landing (UT Redux)
UnrealTournament OST - Ending

Special Thanks:
Necto Ulin

NU tracks really make the movie come alive. You can find more awesome UT remixes from him here:
Also, he's allowing free usage of his tracks for non-commerical goals - so please, support him:

The recording of the gameplay scenes would have been impossible without the Demo Manager for UnrealTournament. Many thanks to UsAaR33 and Anth for that!

The cinematic effects of the intro, cutscenes and outro were made directly inside UnrealTournament. In case you are interested, the map can be downloaded from here.

Related FAQs:
What is ComboGib?
We run an arena mod on our gameserver which combines InstaGib (=one hit primary) with the shock-balls of the original ShockRifle. Hitting such a ball with the primary fire results in a so-called Shock Combo, which deals lethal damage in the surrouding area. This adds a welcomed variety to normal InstaGib Arena matches.

What is the Grapple?
For fast pasted movement, we additionally equip each player with a Grappling Hook. It can be fired either by switching to it, or using the offhand fire so you are still free to aim with your ComboRifle.

What is an Insane Combo?
To promote the gameplay of ComboGib, demanding and spectacular combos are classified as "Insane Combos" and are rewarded to the player with an extra score-point as well as a special announcement. The InsaneCombo mod is currently only available on the UrS server but a public release is intended.
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Re: Insane Combo: The Movie

Postby CoD|Avi » Tue Apr 28, 2020 4:57 pm

Really great and impressive stuff, sponge! Appreciate all the work you put into this, especially the intro (and outro even tho i havent dared to watch it due to spoiler alert), this really is original UT style, and I am impressed what is possible with a game from 1999. Like the different view points and slomos, also music is really good. My favourite combo is the "Zulti-Kill" on woot :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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