BETA Testing: Nexgen Auto Team Balancer

BETA Testing: Nexgen Auto Team Balancer

Postby Sp0ngeb0b » Sun Mar 29, 2020 6:30 pm


BETA Testing: Nexgen Auto Team Balancer

The current lockdown situation gave me the time to completely rewrite our AutoTeamBalancer mod on the gameserver. Features / improvements:
  • The new system now uses the unique Nexgen client ID instead of name/IPs and therefore should no longer "forget" your stats randomly
  • You are put into a waiting state when joining a running game for a couple of seconds (to wait for e.g. other spectators to join). You are then assigned to a team and respawned.
  • In case of a reconnect, the system waits for a couple of seconds with the rebalancing in case the team size difference is larger than 1.
  • The gamestart procedure has been improved (you will definitely notice that)

Although I've taken great care while implementing this mod, I'm limited by the amount of players I can simulate. It can therefore happen that the system might behave incorrectly and other bugs may occur! I would be very happy if you guys could report such cases to me (best thing would be to briefly describe what went wrong and how the situation was before, i.e. player amount etc).

Also note that no initial data is available now; so the system might need a few days to correctly rerank all of you to provide even teams. I'm confident that it will then be a noticeable improvement compared to our old ATB :)
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